Strategy & Planning

I get it, marketing can feel a bit overwhelming. There are lots of different methods and techniques, you’re not sure which ones to choose and it feels like it could take up a lot of time.


But, this doesn't have to be the case.

A good marketing plan has a clear objective, is based on research and is easy to implement. You should look at it and feel confident about how you're going to get to the end goal. 

Tell me your business vision, ethos and what your problem/opportunity is. I'll go away and design a strategy and plan that ticks all the boxes and doesn't over-complicate.

Marketing strategy starts from £200 a month for regular planning and review or £200 for a one-off consultancy day. Drop me a note or give me call and we can discuss a custom-made plan for your business.

Prices are given as an indication for each service but any of my services can be combined into a bespoke package to suit you.